Polly Party - 2019

24 November 2019Annually, the members of Pretoria 87 have the opportunity to say thanks to their better halves. Tabling is so much more fulfilling if you have a better half that is supportive of and forms a part of this amazing organisation. Above all of these reasons, when these ladies get together, there's always lots of fun and laughter wherever they go.

This year we did it slightly differently where we all met up at Atterbury Value Mart in the mid-morning, more specifically - The South African National Blood Service in the Atterbury Value Mart. As this project was recently voted into Bushveld as an area project, there was no better time with all of us being together to do our part and donate some blood. Considering how valuable it could become with the holiday season being upon us.

Once this has been concluded, the ladies were swept off for an amazing Spa treatment in the afternoon whilst the guys were all having a braai at the Chairmans house. This gave us some time to discuss the past year of tabling and what big things lies ahead for us in 2020...

Once the ladies were done with their well deserved spa treatments, everyone got together in the late afternoon for some live entertainment, a bite to eat and some refreshments before heading home.

On behalf of all the current members of Pretoria 87 to all their female counterparts - Thank you very much for being so amazing. You definitely deserved a day of ultimate relaxation. We always look better with you by our sides.

Here's to you.

#ProudTabler #PollyParty2019

Willie Breedt


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