Fountains Miniature Train

21 October 2019

The miniature train running at fountains valley was built back in the late 1940s by the Kimble family. It was a replica of the train that ran between Pretoria and Johannesburg stations at the time. They ran the train for many years until the dad passed away around 1979.

At that time the family felt they do not want to keep the train and sold it to the Round Table, Pretoria 87 club. Round table restored the train and kept it going. For many years it was one of the main attractions around Pretoria and anyone from small kids to grandparents enjoyed riding on the mini loco.

The train itself is however not a toy, as the boiler is larger than 100 liters, it is considered a real steam train and the only way a person is allowed to drive the train is with the proper licenses that also allow you to drive normal steam engines.
Round Table partnered with Friends of the Rail, and they kept the loco running over the years. It was around 2008 when some disaster struck, the person that maintained the train, unfortunately, passed away, and the maintenance on the tracks and Fountains Valley really went backward after a flood-damaged one of the bridges.

After this, the train did not run again, and even when a few attempts were made to get it going, it just never ran again. The tracks were extended, and the council even built a diesel version, but this was crashed into the wall of the shed and stopped running after that. Round table then had some crime problems and lots of copper parts got stolen off the train. The only option was to move the train for safekeeping.

We are now 3 years down the line and have partnered with a museum group. They have started restoring the train again and are in negotiations to get tracks for their venue. We are all very excited at the prospect of seeing the mini loco running again soon.

Please see more about the museum group at
Abri Venter


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