Family Fishing Weekend - 2019

17 October 2019

In October we had the opportunity to host our annual Family Fishing weekend, aka Dad’s and Lads. With scorching temperatures expected, the attendees started clocking in from as early as 06:00 to ensure you get prime real estate. Due to the severe drought, we had some challenges with space availability as the area we initially planned at Mar-Leo actually wasn’t really usable due to water levels receding at Roodeplaat dam – but alas, we were able to adapt and still find sufficient space for all guests on the day.

As always, it’s fun socialising with fellow tablers and families – especially out in the glorious South-African sunshine, as the fish weren’t really playing along – luckily there were some other activities available to keep everyone busy. Whilst the parents were sorting out the lunch plans, we also had some old fashioned “Boeresport” planned for the youngsters – a series of events in both a team context and an individual item. Apart from the kids (and parents) smelling a bit like egg after the event, it did seem like they thoroughly enjoyed the activities. It will likely now become a prominent feature on this project.

Thank you very much to all the people that came out to support our project – we believe that this is a solid foundation for future family weekends, and it will grow from strength to strength.


Shout outs to all members from #TeamCool , #TeamAwesome and #ProHads

Willie Breedt


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