R2 Project in aid of Joan Mary Care Center

27 August 2019

In our lives we all make choices to either help or not help others. As a tabler, this isn't a choice - this is something you want to do. Beit a life changing event or not, you always have this warm sense of fulfillment that arises once you conclude a project that you know will ultimately help someone have a healthy meal, be able to be bathed properly or just to help keep them warm.

Pretoria 87 had the opportunity to do a R2 Project at the Kolonnade Retail Park on the 6th of July 2019. The beneficiary chosen for this event was the Joan Mary Care Center. The general idea with this type of project is to help gather some needed general use products and food to help get them through the winter. We were absolutely flabbergasted with the amount of generous donations we got from the community on the day. We had people going into Pick & Pay to only buy one or 2 small items but ended up bring an entire trolley full of items to us. This was astonishing to witness first-hand, and we are humbled by this.

We managed to amass groceries and hygiene products to the value of R13 984.86 in the space of a few hours.

As Round Table Pretoria 87, we would like to thank everyone that contributed on the day, as well as the Marketing Manager from the Kolonnade Retail Park that was instrumental in making this happen.


Willie Breedt


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