Banana Drop - Laerskool Generaal Nicholaas Smit - 16 May 2019

16 May 2019

One thing that has become very apparent the past few years is that there are so many struggling families out there, and we need everyone to raise their hands and help wherever/however possible. At Round Table, we get a weekly donation of roughly 10 Boxes of Banana's from a very kind Benefactor. The responsible table is then given the opportunity to choose a beneficiary and deliver these Banana's to them in an attempt to give some kids or families some food.

One of these beneficiaries who recently received our "Banana Drop" is Laerskool Generaal Nicholaas Smit in Hercules, Pretoria. With these kids only being in primary school, and obviously they need to have a healthy breakfast to make sure they can concentrate on the task at hand - Learn!

When we met up with the Vice-Principal, we were told that the school provides some sustenance to a portion of their learners on a daily basis. It was very sad to hear about how some of these kids literally only get the food provided by the school. This just personifies the necessity that we are surrounded by, and that we as Tablers MUST do everything we can to help those in need.

Though it may not seem like much to give some banana's to some kids, but to the kids that might mean they at least get to eat something healthy that day.


Willie Breedt


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