Winter Food Donations

07 August 2020We were recently contacted by a benefactor who informed us that they have some valuable food items that are available for donation. Naturally, any tabler chomps at the bit when such an opportunity arises. Quickly jumping into action, we rallied together and organised a Digital get-together for the same evening to discuss how best to handle the distribution.

As part of the donation, we received boxes of frozen chicken, 72 of them to be precise. Some marmalade, coffee, and biscuits. All these items had an estimated weight of roughly 910Kg. This might seem like “light” work, but we wanted to make sure these valuable items go to as many places as possible. Once the members got going looking for beneficiaries, suddenly – we had various combinations and varying quantities of the items heading in all directions.

With some carefully orchestrated manoeuvring (for the sake of social distancing), the items were all distributed in record time. It was like something from a magic show. Now you see chicken, and now you don’t. We were able to donate items to 4 Charities, 7 Children's Homes and 2 Care Centres.

We sincerely want to thank the benefactor for the generous donation, not purely from a beneficiary perspective, but also from Pretoria 87’s perspective. It made us realize what we have been missing the past few months during the nationwide lockdown. This gave us the opportunity to give a bit back.


Pretoria 87 – Chairman

Willie Breedt


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