Puzzles for Kids

12 March 2020During our annual 41er braai the “old toppies” enquired about projects currently running in Pretoria 87. This prompted some quick thinking, so right then and there, the Puzzles Project was born. In a nutshell, we heard about a pre-school that was planning to restore their puzzles. Reason being the ones they have are outdated and in need of some TLC. However, it’s not that easy restoring a puzzle that multiple kids have played with, so the plan was to buy them some new ones.

With kind donations from the “old toppies” and an external party. Pretoria 87 bought a few new puzzles for the school. Hopefully, this can help the toddlers to make learning time fun again as building puzzles is a fundamental part of a developing brain.

It led us to think – there are hundreds, if not thousands of pre-schools out there that could benefit from a similar initiative. We should think about how we could help the kids in our general areas.
Wikus Venter


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