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The main aim of Round Table is to enjoy fellowship with people from all walks of life, as well as organising fund raising events and community activities.

Round Table is a non-political, non-denominational association of young men between the ages of 18 and 40. Embracing representatives of nearly every profession and occupation, and whose objects encompass the encouragement of high ethical standards.

The promotion of social networking and fellowship among young professional men, the quickening of individual interest in everything affecting the public welfare, and the promotion of understanding amongst peoples of different cultural, language and political backgrounds.

Who We Are

Round Table Motto

Round Table motto or a maxim comes from a speech made to the British Industries Fair in 1927 by the then HRH Prince Edward, Prince of Wales ‘The young business and professional men of this country must get together round the table , adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the time, and wherever possible, improve them’.

This speech quickened Mark`s enthusiasm, and led to a meeting at Suckling House in Norwich on 14th March 1927 at which “Round Table” was formed.

Round Table Pretoria 87 was chartered in 1962. Since then Round Table 87 has been actively involved in the upliftment of our immediate surroundings and also the greater Pretoria.

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Why do we Table

We believe in bringing about change and excellence in ourselves and our community!

What do we do

We call it tabling. Tables are local. We meet regularly. We plan and organize meetings and events for ourselves and others that focus on personal development, fun & fellowship and community service. Together we form an international network of bright young men.

How do we Table

Our motto is Adopt, Adapt, Improve. We bring together talented guys between 18-40 years of age, to challenge, inspire and learn from each other. We share ideas openly with trust, and empower each individual to make a positive impact at home, work and in his community.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To develop fellowship among young men through the medium of their professional and business occupations;
  • To emphasise the fact that one’s calling offers an excellent medium of service to the community;
  • To cultivate the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions;
  • To recognise the worthiness of all legitimate occupations and to dignify each his own by precept and example;
  • To foster responsible citizenship and loyalty to their Country;
  • To further the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relationships;
  • To further these objects by meetings, lectures, discussions and other activities.

Beneficiary List

Winter Knights

Become a Winter Knight

Winter Knights is a hands-on National project where we as Round Table support our local communities by collecting donations from the public to #Giveback to those in need.

This event is held every year during winter and we urge you to please support your community by donating:

  • Cash donations
  • Tinned food
  • Old clothing
  • Blankets



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3-Way Link

"To further the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relationships"

The 3-way link is a fellowship linker program between Pretoria 87 (SA), Neath 434 (Wales) and Apex of Cobram (Australia).

One club will send two members to travel to the other destinations to develop international fellowship. This will occur on an annual rotational basis between the three clubs.

In 2018 Pretoria 87 will host 55th reunion to celebrate the 3-way link with members and 41ers from Australia and Wales.

To the link, to the link, to the link, to the link....

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Round Table Pretoria 87
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